Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to the Library of Epicness!


My dear fellow readers, have you ever wanted to borrow a book from a library, only to find out the library didn't have it? Were you bummed, because you had no money to buy the actual book? Or perhaps you needed a book for a project, but someone else had just checked it out the day before. Oh no, what to do?

This is where The Library of Epicness, or LOE, comes in. Here at LOE, we provide loads of books for borrowing at a cheap, affordable price. (For the full explanation of why we require a payment, see here.) We have a wide variety of books to select from in the YA, or Young Adult, genre. Popular books such as The Hunger Games may not be available at your library because someone else checked it out. Perhaps a spellbinding ride like Looking for Alaska is banned in your library. We have them both!

At only $0.75 per book borrowed, LOE is THE library to go to when you want the highest-quality, popular/banned books with the easiest access you can find. We are efficient and offer great, friendly service to all of our members.

To find out more about LOE and how you can become a member, just click around the site. Currently, we base in Claremont, CA, and only operate and lend books to citizens there. Perhaps we will expand our expertise elsewhere soon, but as of now, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for giving us a try, and happy reading!